-- v = very wide = whole octahedron -- ' = i = counter clockwise -- -R = anti R, includes south pole -- Note: R and L overlap --    

Move last layer to the top for effective algorithm usage.

Video: ©SuperAntonioVivaldi. Tip: test the algorithms on pristine octahedron to see their effects, which pieces exchange (and/or twist).

How to solve

First fix the 5-facelet corner pieces of one hemisphere (megaminx style). Then move this side to bottom.

Use Down down up up algorithms (and setups) to exchange remaining corner pieces (via the top) in the upper hemisphere.

Intermediate goal is to have the topmost and one other "upperhalf" corner placed and twisted correctly, the others placed.

Twist* corners correctly with "sexy" moves. 10 repeats restore bottom hemisphere corners; singlets take more repeats.

Note: parity when bottom is restored but one "upperhalf" corner still twisted.

Parity fix: take the wrongly twisted corner as the new north pole. Rotate (exchange via top) the other new upperhalf corners to place aligned with the new top. Twist* etc...

Exchange singlet pieces with clever Triple algorithms and setups.