BETA solver  

The tips are leading. Orient them toward the plane that borders all 3 tips that have a certain color.

Bottom layer:

Bottom edges: find the fitting piece and bring it into the face of its not bottom color, with the bottom color in the plane. Bring the plane to the front.

If it is in the bottom already, knock it out with below algorithm(s). Being at the front of the bottom.

If the piece is to the left: Lw Rw' Lw' Rw   If the piece is to the right: Rw' Lw Rw Lw'. Or for us humans: down down up up starting with the side of the piece.

Edge pieces layer:

Situation 1:If one piece is solved and the other 2 are (oriented) wrong, put the correct piece to the back and apply algorithm: Rw' Lw Rw Lw' Uw Lw' Uw' Lw

Situation 2:If the 3 pieces need to be shifted clockwise: Rw Uw' Rw' Uw' Rw Uw' Rw'. Note the U' usage.

Situation 3:If the 3 pieces need to move anti-clockwise: Rw Uw Rw' Uw Rw Uw Rw'. Note the U usage: U turn opposite clockwise.

Situation 4:If none of the above apply, move one correctly oriented piece to the correct position with one of the above shift moves, and reassess.


Switch front and bottom (and left and right) center pieces: (Rw' Lw Rw Lw') * 3. Down down up up 3 repeats.

If 3 centers are switched: solved to bottom. align other centers with their bottom row. Rw Uw Rw' Uw Rw Uw Rw'. Edge layer will be unsolved, fix it (see above). Reassess.