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v|vi=whole minx manipulation (v=very wide) i=prime=counter clockwise N=North (other top face frontside, or N=Not used in standard notation) Backside: T=Top W=West E=East M=Middle B=Back/Bottom west b=Back/Bottom east

R' D' R D** to switch and twist pieces on the front/right rib, and OLL. R' = Ri etc...

L D L' D' to switch and twist pieces on the front/left rib.

Start with one face, and add layer by layer. Manipulate solved parts out of the way, eg first solved face to the Top position of the backside*. Dv manipulates the kilominx around this and the D-face.

For OLL best manipulate last layer to the U position (Fvi2 if *). Move twisted piece to the front/right. apply ** until piece is oriented, U move for the next twisted piece, repeat till OLL is done.

For PLL in this simulator, best manipulate last layer to the F position (Rvi). See below.

R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' = T-perm like move for PLL. Hold last layer to the Up face (up on the right side). Best IRL.

R F R' F' R' D R2 F' R' F' R F R' D' = T-perm like move for PLL, when last layer to the Front face (simulator).

T-perm: when you have 2 bars on the sides after OLL, to your left/right***, do the T-perm and check for matching pieces. Goal is 2 pieces matching with one spoiled in between to the left and the other 2 spoileds to the right. Do T-perm and reassess.

Turn front face clockwise***

Or intuitive: make the last oriented but not permutated layer the bottom (D) and turn the to be permutated piece to the front/right. Bring the piece up by the forward algorithm R U R'. Now place its slot/target at the front/right and insert the piece by the backward algorithm R U' R'. Use these algorithms to process the other pieces, skipping the permutated pieces.