Dino moves:

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Following affect Front Upper Right corner = FUR: Swap/Cycle upper corners except FUR -- -- alternative (counter clockwise) -- Help, I have 2 correctly positioned corners -- -- Twist FUR corner -- 3 times restores bottom layer -- -- Parity fix -- once or twice

©SuperAntonioVivaldi Tutorial videos: part 1 part 2

BETA solvers:

Solve Dino -- Note: no pocket specific moves done!
else: Solve Super X -- BETA BETA -- when Parity, bring the compromised layer to the top, cycle the corners until placed, twist/orient all corners, but restore the lower layer at the last one, untwisting it, move it to FUR. Then apply Parity fix once or twice.






Some pieces are not unique and may need switching for cube algorithms to work. It is possible to make cubelets twice or mirrored, etc...