-- Note: pyramorphix shape shifts if not double moves. -- -- --

Color current: -- Shape should be a pyramid!

  BETA solver  

First get to a pyramid shape. You can get from "torpedo" to "double beak bar" to pyramid.

Take one corner as reference. Front/left/bottom in representation. Point the pyramid with this corner toward you IRL, pyramid being in upright position.

Place other corners to match.

They do not have to be in the right orientation yet. Use double moves (to keep pyramid shape).

Correct center in the back.

The Back is the Right plane in the representation. If it is not already there, roll the pyramid with this center to the bottom.

Algorithm: D2 R2 L2 R2. -- D is to the back and the bottom IRL. Right and bottom in the representation.

Other centers:

If the 3 pieces need to be shifted clockwise: R L' D2 R' L. -- up up, wag the tail, down down.

If the 3 pieces need to move anti-clockwise: L' R D2 L R'. -- up up, wag the tail, down down.

If one piece is solved and the other 2 are mirrored, put the correct piece to the bottom and apply algorithm: R2 L D2 * R L2 D' -- Starwars R2D2 split by Luke, torpedo, then same but opposite repeat numbers, restoring center in the back.

Note: * at this stage you have the torpedo stage.

Twist corners:

Do this corner by corner, and hold the target corner on top. Reference corner towards you.

If the corner needs to be shifted clockwise: (R L' R' L) twice. -- up up down down, start with right.

If the corner needs to move anti-clockwise: (L' R L R') twice. -- up up down down, start with left.