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NOTE: Too many differing loci between parents is very time and CPU demanding (client PC)! Screen will freeze.

 E:  Recessive Red National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK has Dave Walters' version of this calculator
 B:  Ash Red | Blue | Brown Wild Type is a Blue Bar. The calculator starts with everything set at Wild Type.
 C:  'T' Chequer / velvet | Chequer | Bar | Barless  Wing pattern
The darker chequers are also darker (black/blue) in the neck area; this effect is not shown.
 D:  Pale | Dilute Pale mainly affects red, Dilute affects red and black
 Z:  Gazzi pied | Recessive White White spotting, probably more alleles
 S:  Spread Split Spread S//+ has same effect as Spread S//S
 G:  Grizzle | Stork Split Grizzle G//+ (typical Grizzle), Grizzle G//G (near white pigeon)
 Ts: Toy Stencil, white pattern on wings incomplete Toy Stencil complex (Bronze Bars or Chequering even over Spread),
complete Toy Stencil complex (White Bars or Chequering even over Spread and Rec.Red)
 In: Indigo, Pseudo Red   Split Indigo In//+ (Indigo Bars or Chequering), Indigo In//In (solid Pseudo Red)
Indigo also affects the body color when split; this effect is not shown.
 Gp: Gimpel, Arch angel Bronze/Copper body;
Not completely dominant (best in homozygous birds), but implemented as fully dominant.
(also see remark C-locus)
 Ic: Icy   "Frosting" of base color, little effect on wingpattern

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Dom.Opal | Rec.Opal | Reduced | Kitebronze | Smoky | Sooty | Dirty | Milky | Undergrizzle | Frillstencil | Crest | Grouse | Slipper | Note: Almond is allelic to Faded (don't use both)

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