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E-locus: E-locus:
Co-locus: Co-locus:
Db-locus: Db-locus:
Pg-locus: Pg-locus:
Ml-locus: Ml-locus:
DbPgMl-loci: DbPgMl-loci: Ordine dei geni: Db-Ml-Pg
Crossing over: Db-10%-Ml-10%-Pg
Crossing over: Db--20%--Pg
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  nessun crossing over!
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Cha-locus: Cha-locus:
Mh-locus: Mh-locus:
Di-locus: Di-locus:
Ig-locus: Ig-locus:
Cb-locus: Cb-locus:
S-locus: S-locus:
B-locus: B-locus:
B,S-loci: B,S-loci:
Choc-locus: Choc-locus:
I-locus: I-locus:
Bl-locus: Bl-locus:
Mo-locus: Mo-locus:
C-locus: C-locus:
Lav-locus: Lav-locus:

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Nota: troppi differenti loci tra i parentali possono prendere tanto tempo per i calcoli e questo difficile per il computer.

NOTE: Too many different loci between parents can take very much calculating time and is CPU demanding (client PC)! Screen will freeze.

*Groundcolored hackle with normal pattern. Groundcolor is red/gold/buff/isabel/cream/silver (pheomelanin)
**Groundcolored hackle with less than normal (black) pattern.
•EExtended black, hackle, shoulder and saddle of the males may leak groundcolor (eg red) depending on unknown absent genes.
•DbUnknown amount of Columbian like Restriction. Db more powerful on males.
Quail-like phenotype. Meant is a patterned (dark) back and a groundcolored (light) underside. In true "Quail" neck hackles are dark as well.
The "wildfarbig" (="wild color") german bantam has a similar color but without any columbia like restrictors, allowing a dark salmon breast.

DFDouble Factor. Dosage effect, stronger expression.