{{chessgrid[ix*8+iy].val}}{{chessgrid[ix*8+iy].pinned ? "." : (chessgrid[ix*8+iy].mustmove ? "!" : (chessgrid[ix*8+iy].moved ? "✈" : " "))}}  {{cell}} {{elim.val}} 

 .!✈  {{elim}} 
Move balance => {{movebalance}}

save Sudoku [{{grid.join('').replace(/\,/g,'')}}]

The pieces carry the numbers that belong to the legal position of a certain game where each piece has at most been moved once. Nothing is Slain and no Castling either. Furthermore in each 2x4 box and on every row and column the numbers 1 to 8 must occur just once.

Click on .!✈ under Chesspiece to annotate: A dot "." means that the chess piece is pinned at its start position; a bang "!" means that the piece must move. ✈ means that a piece has moved (its value entered at the target).
Unlike entering a number, the effects are reversible.

Click on the icon bar or the number bar per cell to eliminate by hand.

Tip: select (number plus) chess icon and press ctrl+F

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