Determinator Software Demo overview:

Before the internet era people used books to look up information. This required certain indexing methods.
Botanists for instance used determination keys to find out step by step which unidentified plant they were dealing with.
They had a starting point with questions pointing them in one or another direction eventually ending up at the species they found.
That is the way this simple php application works. Questions lead to answers that lead to further questions until the goal is met.
The application may be simple, but making a determination table is not! But at least you found a way to make one on line now.
Feel free to experiment around. Contact me for remarks and questions (mail to spmdmp at

Chicken Quest

A very simple demo. The webpage itself is not part of the Determinator system.
The Determinator feeds the page with the information you chose. Not finished yet.

Determination Key Enter Form with log in BETA

This is an experimental PHP enter form. You can submit your determination keys and their options to our Database via this page.
You can run your "Determinator" from there and copy the URL address from your browser to publish. Make sure your data is backed up then!
Prior to publishing, your data can be copied to a new unique name, by me for now (mail to spmdmp at
The filtering is done on the unique name you logged in with (Tipp: an e-mail address is always a unique name).
If you have more than one determination table eg. chicken breeds and dog breeds you can log in with a different name for each,
eg. "" and "", to separate the data.
The e-mail address does not have to be valid of course but it should be unique and rememberable.

Log out for log in PHP version

Use this to enable log in with a different unique username/e-mail.