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NOTE: Too many differing loci between parents is very time and CPU demanding (client PC)! Screen will freeze.

 E:  Recessive Red National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK has Dave Walters' version of this calculator
 B:  Ash Red | Blue | Brown Wild Type is a Blue carrying Bar. The calculator starts with everything set at Wild Type.
 C:  'T' Chequer | Dark Chequer | Chequer | Light Chequer | Bar | Barless  Wing pattern
 D:  Pale | Dilute
 Z:  Gazzi pied | Recessive White
 S:  Spread Split Spread S//+ has same effect as Spread S//S
 G:  Grizzle | Stork Split Grizzle G//+ (typical Grizzle), Grizzle G//G (near white pigeon)
 Ts: Toy Stencil, white pattern on wings Split Toy Stencil Ts//+ (Bronze Bars or Chequering even over Spread),
Toy Stencil Ts//Ts (White Bars or Chequering even over Spread)
 In: Indigo, Pseudo Red   Split Indigo In//+ (Indigo Bars or Chequering), Indigo In//In (solid Pseudo Red)

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