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 A:  Agouti: sable | wolfgrey | saddle | tan | self Agouti: sable | wolfsgrauw | zadel | tan | eenkleurig  Visit the very helpful expert Marjolein Roosendaal: Kennel van de Eenhoornleijn
 B:  Brown: Chocolate/liver Bruin/leverkleur Visit the dutch dog board: Het hondenforum
 C:  Albino: Silver | white Zilver | wit Mutants at this locus are uncommon; white effects in dogs are mostly by unknown factors
 D:  Dilute: Blue Verdunningsfactor: blauw
 E:  Extension: Red | masked Rood | masker Ranging from yellow to red by unknown factors
 K:  dominant blacK | brindle Dominant zwart | gestroomd
 M:  Merle Merle
 S:  white Spotting: irish | piebald | extreme piebald Bont met weinig, meer of veel wit
 T:  Ticking (eg english setter) Vlekjes/stippels (bv engelse setter)

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