Nederlandse versie (Dutch version)


Introducing the Dominant White factor into Vorwerk pattern; it dilutes black areas on a chicken to white.




Red pyle Dutch bantam * Vorwerk bantam

e+/e+,co+/co+,I/i+,s+/s+ * eb/eb,Co/Co,i+/i+,s+/- plus (het?) hackleblack melanizers (Ml, charcoal?)






White patterned Buff Columbian

e+/eb,Co/co+,I/i+,s+/(s+) plus heterozygote (multiple?) hackleblack melanizers



Backcross both males above to mother Vorwerk bantam 






Most showed far better white hackle color than their sire.

This is not a typical outcome of a backcross!


The male above is probably Co/Co rendering a red tint on the body.

I suspect that homozygosity of Co (and eb) also improve the hackleblackness.




Male further matured: