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L1 Corners: twist piece at 1|2|6 -- sexy move twice -- -- piece at 1|5|6 to 1|6|2 -- sexy move -- -- Note: Use Y move(s) to target the next piece at the same position in this viewer
L2 Edges: targetting Front face #1 Upper edge -- Left hand Algorithm: edge 1|5 to 1|6 -- || -- Right hand: edge 5|6 to 1|6
L3 upper Corners: twist piece at 6|11|12 -- sexy move twice -- -- piece at 7|11|12 to 11|6|12 -- sexy move
L3 Edges: targetting Front face Right lower edge -- Left hand: edge 4|8 to 1|5 Note/set up: Twisted edge 4|5 to 8|4 -- Matching edge 4|5 to 4|8 -- || -- Anti-match: Edge 4|5 to 1|5 -- || -- Right hand: matching edge 4|5 to 1|5 Note/setup: edge 5|8 to 5|4 -- edge 5|8 to 4|5 --
L3 Edges: targetting Front face Left lower edge -- Left hand: edge 4|8 to 4|1 (anti-match) -- Left hand: edge 4|8 to 1|4 (match) -- Note: if piece to the right (5 bottom) then 8i
L3 lower Corners: twist piece at 7|11|12 -- sexy move twice -- -- piece at 7|8|12 to 11|7|12 -- sexy move
L4 Edges: targetting #7 face Middle Right edge -- Left hand: edge 7|8 to 7|9 (match) -- Right hand: edge 8|9 to 7|9 (match)
OLE: see "last star" below, but performed at bottom #8 and upside down -- 2 unsolved neighboring top and left -- -- 2 unsolved across top and lower/left
PLE: see "align star" below, but at #8 / upside down -- solved edge to top (and upper/right, cycles the other 3) -- sune like algorithm -- mirrored
OLC: twist the corner piece at 7|8|9 -- sexy move twice -- sexy move once -- only do #8 turns in between, else no restore in 6 moves
PLC: pick up the corner piece at 7|8|9 -- forward algorithm -- #8 turn to put target at 7|8|9 -- backward

megaminx face names

The instructions below use a different notation; the U, R and D face surround the F face directly. In the GUI above the U and D face are opposite, and the R face does not intersect with the U face.
F=1 U=2 N=3 L=4 D=5 R=6 M=7 B=8 W=9 T=10 E=11 b=12 -- N = North, red face in picture, not used in standard notation, as are the Backside faces Top, Mid, West, East.



Like 3x3 beginner method. L1: First the Star (Cross), i.e. edge pieces, then the corners.

(L2) Edge pieces: align with/above center (hold to F), move away from key site (U or U'); move piece in key up (R or L'), move edge piece back (U' or U); move keypiece next to edge piece (R' or L), and move both to the side (U*). Key hole up (F or F') and insert pieces (U*), and down (F'or F).


First do the "top" corners. Edges can be done like L2, but for L3 edges move the solved corner toward the last layer first, to not unsolve your progress.

Last star

2 neighboring unsolved pieces to front and right in Up face: F U R U' R' F'.

2 unsolved across to front and back/right, reverse algorithm: F R U R' U' F'. Note like last cross 3x3.

Align star

Goal 2 matching to front and left adjacent (Up face): R U R' U R U3 R'. Note U3 = U'2. The other 3 are cycled (counter clockwise). Repeat if necessary.

2 across? + U = 1 solved or + U' = 1 solved => solved to front. Algorithm once or twice to solve neighbor to the right (make sure that piece is not at left adjacent). Reassess.

Other situation? Algorithm once to get one of above situations. Mirrored: N' U' N U' N' U2 N, cycles clockwise except front and right adjacent

Last face

Turn face to the bottom (D face) and apply sexy move R U R' U' untill all oriented, etc...

Position corners

Forward algorithm R U R' -- Backward algorithm R U' R'

Move piece up, align target beneath, move piece back down, move to next dislocated piece, etc...

Note: full OLL and then full PLL is also doable.

Kilominx pattern -- anti Kilominx pattern