Genetic and other Software Demo overview:

Coefficient of Inbreeding Calculator

Basic COI calculator. You can enter data in the inputfields. Be sure to keep the data in a textfile of your own. It is not stored when you close the page.

Family Pedigree Enter Form BETA

This is an experimental PHP enter form. You can submit your family pedigree to our Database via this page.
In this form you can update the names later without having to update all their offspring (key based table).
The output can be shown as a Pedigree, or as a COI calculator (hyperlinks at the bottom). No direct entrypoint for these or backup yet.
But you can publish your pedigree by means of the id of an individual that you want to keep. Use the hyperlink and copy the URL from the browserwindow.
Make the names unique with dates of birth and/or death, eg. "Henk Meijers born 01-01-1969 death not yet".
The data is accessible by an E-mail address or even better a unique Password that you log in with.
The e-mail address does not have to be valid but it should be unique and rememberable.

Log out for log in PHP versions

Use this to enable log in with a different username/e-mail.

Pedigree only Demo page

This page features the pedigree aspect only. No COI stuff visible. The data up to 4000 characters is kept in a cookie. Still be sure to make your own backups in a textfile!

Make your own Determinator

The Determinator is a new tool I made. Anyone can make his or her own (version of a) Determination table for any subject imaginable.
A determination table can be used to find out what you are dealing with by answering question by question until you get to the final answer.
For instance, you see a chicken of an unknown breed. If there were a Determination table available on line,
you would just go there and answer question by question to get to the name of your breed.

This is a black male split for chocolate.
Created by Sigrid van Dort.This is a dark chocolate hen. 
Rich in melanizers.Holland`s HoenkrielhaansteentjeKleintje

Family Picture (BETA)

With this tool you can submit pictures, that you uploaded else on the internet, to our database with the following purpose.
You can make area maps for those pictures and enter a hint tekst (for now) per area.
Finally you can generate HTML-code or URL to publish on your own webpages or webforums.
The method is still pretty coarse. I am brooding how to customize the areas to make precize maps.

Area Map Resizer

With this tool you can convert your painstakingly made area maps to a smaller or bigger size.

World map

With this game you can rehearse countries of the world. Use arrows to scroll the map and click the countries that are asked for.
A few islands and antarctica are missing. Also not a strict geopolitical map.

Chess box, object oriented javascript chess game

This simple chess application enforces the rules of the game and suggests the moves to make.
New: Automated returnstrike is implemented in parallel processed php;
not very good (or fast) and may burden the webserver (php). Use with caution!
If you are interested in the php script, mail to spmdmp at
The following is not yet implemented: mate detection.
These are implemented: en passant (incomplete), roccade/castling, promotion, check detection, undo turn.
You can hack the chess engine, with (object reflection) intellisense, by doubleclick on word.

Tetris, in object oriented javascript

This simple tetris game is best played in a fast browser. Iexplorer is a bit on the slow side.
The code is still a bit redundant. To be fixed.


The classic Sokoban game with editor!
Push the boxes onto their destination and move on ...
You can create your own puzzles and save it to URL to publish on the internet.
Pictures are borrowed and the games are copied from Boxworld by Jeng-Long Jiang.


A preparation for further dhtml game experiments. New simple game invented by me.
Go to the exit but remember where you are, because you become one of many ...
You can push the others away, they can't do that. When you are stuck or in a new field you are shortly revealed.

Cryptraider, Boulderdash

For those that hate stress: this clone of "sokoban on gravity" has no time limits, level thresholds, fireflies or mummies.
Still a few loose ends compared to the original, and only a few levels, but you can make your own.
Best played with Google chrome or Firefox.

Pyramid Builder

Same as Cryptraider but with additional sloped building blocks for additional clues in the puzzle.

Puzzle Boy

This variation on sokoban/boulderdash is about large blocks, gaps to be filled and revolving gates to be set correctly.
Goal is to reach the portal to the next level.

Eliminator, sudoku solver

Solves a sudoku puzzle by elimination and pairwise elimination.
Be careful not to enter a wrong number because there is no undo yet.
To be fixed.
New: X-sudoku option. For jigsaw option see vue.js based sudoku demo below.

Eliminator, Killer sudoku

This is a so called killer sudoku. Extra overlaying groups replace the given numbers.
Source/solution ©

editor for killer sudoku

Tic Tac Toe (Boter, Kaas en Eieren)

Simple javascript version of this ancient game. Play against your computer, the level is "beginner".

Rummikub (Rummy) BETA

Simplified version of this popular game. Play against your computer, the level is "beginner" to "medium".
This is an online and automated version (I have not yet found any of those on the web that didn't need downloading etc...).
The rules are simplified (no beginning threshold and wildcards).
The idea came from a Gathering of Tweakers Programming Challenge: Write a bot that can play Rummikub.
Now you can be one of the players. Arrange your tiles by drag and drop. You play against my php-rummiclient by means of ajax (get-method).
Tested for Iexplorer 7, Firefox, Chrome and Iexplorer 9.
Under construction...

3D - Maze

My goal was to create a 3D effect Demo. Simple dhtml graphics. Terrible HTML-rendering explains why these techniques never became popular.

Parallax Scrolling Demo

Also a 3D effect, a new web design trend (2011). Best in a fast browser, on a fast machine.

Birds of Europe, Ajax demo

Start typing a few characters and see which birdnames would fit.
English, dutch, scientific and german names appear.

Birds of Europe, Datagrid

This simple javascript datagrid allows sorting, altering column order, hiding of column and recordpaging.
English, dutch, scientific and german names.

Birds of the World by Family

By this page you can browse the 140+ families of birds, and their genus- and speciesnames.
Google image searches are integrated per species for easy comparison. Also calls to wikipedia are prepared.
English, dutch, scientific and german names are given, if available, and you can do an image search based on these.
Google and Wikipedia searches, brilliant as they are, do not always have the desired result.
Genus search by Ajax
Birdname search by Ajax

Compare Birds by Country/Region

By this page you can compare bird checklists by country or region. These are provided by the Avibase database webservice.
The reason for making this application is that, while collecting birdguides that comprise all of the world's bird species,
the regions of the Greater and Lesser Sundas, New Guinea and the Phillipines asked me to buy a lot of expensive birdguides,
and I wondered if the neighboring regions' birdguides that I already had, would cover those regions too.
Still want a good birdguide for that region but meanwhile I am able to visualize the bird species that are spotted in Belgium,
but not in The Netherlands and vice versa. Don't forget to visit Avibase, a great project!

Tree plotter

With this tool you can draw a phylogenetic tree.

Tree plotter vertical

Same, but the tree will be plotted vertically. Can be called with parameters in URL.
a Phylogenetic Tree of Pheasant-like Birds taken from Kimball et al 1999
a Phylogenetic Tree of Monocotyledon plants
Versions below are Database-driven:
browsable Phylogenetic Tree of the GalloAnserae
Phylogenetic Tree of the Birds with new scientific insights.
In the Treebrowser below you can expand the Tree without replacing the "outer" Tree with the chosen Branch. Choose "Nest"-hyperlink for this feature.
Layout is best in IExplorer and Firefox but performance is MUCH better in Chrome and Safari. Conspicious Browser differences there!
Phylogenetic Tree of the Passerines (BETA) , also with new scientific insights.
Phylogenetic Tree of the Anas-ducks (BETA) , a version with pictures.

Form with List of Values-page demo

How to call another webpage to fill out form fields.

The Chicken Manager

A simple strategy game to be created: the virtual chickenfarmer.

The Chicken Manager Population Calculator

Same as the chicken manager but without the practical problems of poultry keeping.
Main aspects are the in-built genetic and COI calculators. Colors limited, soon more. Mature age set to 150 days.
You can buy a group of chickens in eg black, blue, splash or recessive white and see what offspring chance gives you.

Chicken Breeds selector

The number of breeds is far from complete. Also more criteria to come.

Cross Breeds Chicken Calculator

The number of breeds is far from complete, as are exceptional colors. Color can be overridden by "Browse" functionality.

Drag and drop Chicken calculator

New demo portal to the old javascript chicken calculator engine. Create parents by dragging and dropping colors on bodyparts. With explain feature.

Drag and drop Javascript Editor

Under construction, no actual javascript output yet. Programming stucture by drag and drop. Only in new browsers that support Array.indexOf

Gene machine, object oriented javascript genetic calculator.

The javascript chicken calculator engine is rebuilt to Object Oriented Javascript.
You can hack this new engine by programming in the editor window. Double click on a word for intellisense/autocomplete.

This OOP code is derived from a C# dotnet version. Open source and available at request. Should be great for Visual Studio!

Fully compatible with the self built genetic calculator wizard. Also supports COI calculation!

Gene machine with Syntax Highlighting

Another version with the brilliant Edit Area Software. Syntax is highlighted and the intellisense works on any selection you make!

Gene machine with Syntax Highlighting and more example scripts, tutorials

Gene machine console with punnettsquare generator.

Chicken Punnett Square as an image!

For easy embedding in webpages or chickenboards. This generates the punnett square nicely formatted.
You can flip the layout. Prerequisites are:

There is also a general punnettsquare generator without phenotype descriptions:

My Genetics Page, Overview page for Genetic Calculators

This page features all versions and all 40+ species of my genetic calculator family. Plus basics of genetics and a lot of facts. Good startpage for genetics enthousiasts.
Also on the page tutorials how to embed/link to the software in your own webpage.

The Genetic Calculator Design Wizard

There are a lot of ways that you can make your own Genetic Calculator. You can copy my open source code javascript and adapt it for your own species.
Furthermore I built a flexible one that can be configured by this Wizard. The resulting configuration data is limited to what a querystring to a webpage can handle. Opera can handle the most.
This configuration data is also fully suitable for the new Object Oriented Engine. There are a lot of runtime modules available including Plug-in modules that also use the old non flexible code.


Genotype-list based Calculator

This calculator needs a minimum amount of information to run. This must be correct data though.
Only order of dominance of alleles and a correctly wildcarded list of genotypes. Picture-support.
This data can be put in an external javascript file and is addressed in the querystring of this calculator webpage.
Instructions on start-up. Try not to use too many wildcards; this will slow down the operation and produce huge amounts of data.
The following examples use a PHP applet that layers, flips and handles opacity for the pictures.
This could be a pain for the webserver, so please use with caution!
Guinea pig, dutch (Use with caution, may be slow)
Dog (Use with caution, may be slow)


Project CCOOP: chicken calculator object oriented programming

While I am rethinking the displaying method for pictures in my older genetic calculators,
I started on a new quest to make a dynamical engine without the restrictions of the flexible calculators mentioned above.
The approach is object oriented and database driven, performance and layout come second.
Cookies are used to remember your crossings from previous sesions. COI calculations and pedigrees will be integrated.
Chicken calculator with Cookies
Chicken calculator with Crossing-Over, Wildcards and Coefficent of inbreeding


Chickenbot "Kippenbotje"

This is a dialogflow based chatbot to analyse the genotype of your chicken that outputs a crossing result in "ticker" style.
There is also a version that runs on facebook called "Chicken genes", which acts as a portal to the chicken calculator, or direct output.


Vue.js based Genetic calculator

Demo based on the Vue.js and JQuery javascript frameworks and the self-built genetic calculator compatible kippenjungle api.


Vue.js based Genetic calculator, Chicken API

Demo based on the Vue.js and JQuery javascript frameworks and the new kippenjungle chicken calculator api. Under construction.


Vue.js based Coi calculator

Demo based on the Vue.js and JQuery javascript frameworks and server side COI calculator php webservice. Enter your animals and calculate the coefficient of inbreeding.


Vue.js based Tree plotter

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework. See comments above. Under construction.


Vue.js based Sudoku solver

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework. Plus a bit of hacking. Under construction.
New: jigsaw option.

new X Sudoku solver


Vue.js based Kuromasu puzzle/solver

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework. Clues generator is under construction. This is a fun puzzle, less tedious than a sudoku.
Kuromasu puzzle/solver with "external" game, other source, advanced level


Vue.js based Honey bee genetics demo

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework. Simplified.


Vue.js based Chess demo

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework and the chess engine mentioned above. Simplified, not all rules applied yet.


Vue.js based bitboard mini Chess demo

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework and the bitboard method of game data representation. To be fully implemented as such.


Vue.js based 2048 game

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript framework. No "game over" detection or score keeping yet. Under construction.


Rush Hour game based on jQuery Drag and Drop

Demo based on the jQuery javascript framework; jQuery Drag and Drop does not work on Mobile devices, sorry. Under construction.
One simple introduction game, the rest is advanced level!


Vue.js based Rubik's Cube demo

Demo based on the Vue.js javascript frameworks and skew CSS. Logic is a bit unrefined. Tested in Chrome browser.

pocket (2x2x2) Rubik's Cube demo


Candy Crush game based on html Drag and Drop

Demo based on vanilla js version by ©Ania Kubow